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Earn Passive Income & Diversify Your Portfolio Through Institutional Quality Alternative Investment Funds.

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The United Fidelis Group is Here to Help Jump Start Your Financial Plan By Introducing You To Private Equity & Alternative Investments!

The Fidelis Financial Planning Fund is managed by Michael C. Furman, CTEP, MFP of The United Fidelis Group. Michael has over 16 years of experience in the investment & financial planning sectors. He is both President & Founder of The United Fidelis Group which is a full service estate & financial planning firm that manages a variety of private equity & alternative investment funds. Michael has held numerous investment & insurance licenses & holds both the Chartered Trust & Estate Planner® and the Master Financial Planner® designations from the Global Academy of Finance & Management. 

The nationally award winning team at The United Fidelis Group are ready to help educate you on how adding private equity to your portfolio & financial plan can greatly reduce your fees, risks, & dependence on the stock market while increasing your overall rate of return.  Through our family atmosphere we promise 100% transparency & ZERO pressure to better help serve your financial needs!

Service Areas: 

Private Equity Funds / Alternative Investments

Wealth Management

Life & Disability Insurance

Long Term Care Planning

Financial Planning / Income & Retirement Plans

Proactive Tax Planning

Estate & Business Planning

Annuities / Pensions

Investment Advisory Services / Portfolio Management

And More...


Your Financial Future is Worth the Time to Educate Yourself Today with The United Fidelis Group.

Are you an accredited Investor?
I have a net worth of at least $1,000,000 (exclusive of your primary residence, furnishings and automobile)I made at least $200k per year for the past 2 years (or $300,000 combined income if married)No, I am not an accredited investor

Looking For Short Term Double Digit Returns?

Increase Your Fixed Rate Returns While Helping The Backbone of the U.S. Economy – Small Business

We want to introduce you to what many of our clients call their FAVORITE investment…. Merchant Cash Investment or MCA.  After the sudden tightening in the lending industry after the collapse in 2009, more small businesses across the nation rely on MCA than every before for immediate capital needs for expansion and to fulfill orders in a timely manner.   Let us show you how we selected the company with the strongest financials & the most conservative underwriting team in the industry to keep our funds secure.

With only a ONE year commitment, thousands of clients nationally are receiving a monthly interest payment with fixed 9%-15% annual returns using cash or IRA dollars.  We EXPECT you to be hesitant, so speak with our clients, our attorneys, and let us show you Merchant Cash Advance done right!



Collected In New Lifetime Accounts Receivables

1.2% Default Rate

VERSES The Industry Average Default Rate of 18%-22%

$30,508,000+ MILLION

Averaged MONTHLY in New Funding Over The Last 12 Months

11,143 Funded Advances

As of July 2019 & Increasing Daily!


Missed OR Late Payments to Investors LIFETIME Since Funds Inception*

A Timely Investment Whose Time Has Come – The Senior Living Industry

Diversify Your Portfolio, Earn Passive Income Plus Opportunity For Additional Growth

When researching investment opportunities, it is imperative to understand the market which you invest and the underlying trends in that industry. Ideally an investor wants to secure their money in a safe and profitable asset, while their dollars are working for a good cause. As for the senior living industry, there is an unprecedented demand for senior living and facilities for the #1 growing population in the United States — our Baby Boomers. The silver tsunami is literally at our doorstep.

Income PLUS Growth

Independent Business Cycle

Rising Demand

Discerning Consumer

The 81 million Baby Boomers in our country are getting older, living longer, they need proper care, and they are not taking any chances. We believe a large percentage of these Baby Boomers want to live their golden years in senior communities with the care and amenities to which they are accustomed. Savvy financial experts and community planners are cooperating to build creative facilities that offer turnkey living arrangements and state of the art resident experiences on all levels. This is your opportunity to invest in an asset that is intended to prosper by the demographic shift our country is experiencing while caring for our growing population of seniors.   You are invited to be a part of Tuscan Gardens® senior living communities across this nation. Investing in Tuscan Gardens® Capital Partners investment products is a way for you to capitalize on this wave and add passive monthly income with an opportunity for additional growth.


We Value Our Clients Like They Are Family.